Hi, my name is Gianpaolo Rando.

I'm leading @BeerDeCoded
a science study on beer and DNA.

OMG why?

Answer 5 questions about beer and I will share with you.

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Yes, I love beer
1. Tell me some beers you like...

2. What do you like of these beers?

Let’s talk about beer flavor/taste. Where do you think it comes from?

4. On the beer list there are 20 beers you do not know. Hod do you choose?

5. Imagine a way the DNA inside beer can be used.

The beer's DNA (yeast, hops...), not yours :-)
Good job! Thank you.

#BeerDeCoded is an citizen science experiment around beer and DNA.

1. you send us a beer.
2. we read its DNA.
3 we decode the yeast, hops and grains used for brewing.
4. we combine this info with IBU, %alcohol etc.
5. We give back a cheatsheet with beers similar to the one you sent us.

You discover beer you might like thanks to a genomic sommelier.

Share to untap a beer genome.
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